The VSB Cancer Awareness Foundation is a proud 501(c)3 charitable nonprofit organization based in Kalamazoo Michigan; EIN #82-3801563.

Founded in 2018, VSB is a newly formed non-profit organization with a devoted purpose in bringing public and community awareness about understanding the importance of cancer prevention including a range of topics such as early detection and treatment. In turn, this approach will also help people make healthier lifestyle choices. By becoming aware – you gain knowledge, and that knowledge will assist you as to the steps you need to take, what you need to do and the direction you need to go in.

VSB is also designed for those who are currently struggling with cancer issues be it a family member or a personal issue and to inform individuals as to obstacles they will face as well as the accomplishments they hope to achieve.

Our approach will come in the form of general practices as well as from a holistic concept. The choice is yours to make. So, let us be there for you to assist you through this life changing journey about the different ways in which you can achieve a better life for yourself and loved ones.

Your support of this organization will make this world a better place to live. Let us come together to make a difference saving lives.




Mission Statement

To provide information to individuals regarding cancer awareness, the impact of cancer, the signs and symptoms of cancer and its effects on the individual, the family, and the community. VSB will support cancer research facilities that diagnose and treat individuals suffering from cancer as well as those who study novel treatments through clinical trials and research. VSB will also have a scholarship program which will be designed for those individuals in the medical field who have an interest and desire to treat cancer patients and research new treatments.

Vision Statement

To become a leader in the support and furtherance of cancer awareness and research, by means of contributions to various research facilities, as well as centers/hospitals that focus on cancer and its patients. Our organization is not to only focus on one type of cancer but to cover and include all areas pertaining to cancer. This organization will also have a scholarship program for individuals who wish to pursue their profession in the medical and research fields.

Our vision is to stop cancer before it starts.


Recipient of the Obama Lifetime Achievement Award – President’s Volunteer Service Award

Tell Us Your Story

VSB Story - Frederick Shauntasia & Fremiyah

Fred, Shauntasia & Fremiyah

VSB Story - Frederick W. Bishop III

Frederick W. Bishop III

My name is Mrs. Sharee M. Graham. I have decided to become a Volunteer to help with awareness and getting more involved to help others as the struggle to live, survive with, and beat Cancer of any form is a difficult task.

On my Mother’s side of her Family, there’s a strong and long History of different types of Cancer. I do have some Survivors & in Remission and those who has transitioned on. I do currently have a Family Member going through a form of Cancer at this time. Supporting, and being there as much as possible can ensure a successful survival rate and recovery.

In 2003, I was informed by my Daughters Father The Late Frederick Wayne Bishop III, he had Colon Cancer. He had fought until his transitioned May 16, 2009. The most difficult part of this journey was informing our Daughters Shauntasia and Fremiyah about his passing. I knew single handedly raising them w/o him would be tough. But, we’ve made it. During Fremiyah’s Elementary years and Junior High years, she had walked every year in October in her Father’s honor for The Cancer Society at Western Michigan University.

VSB Story - Sharee GrahamSharee Graham, VSB
VSB Story - Ronald Bruce Gibson

Ronald Bruce Gibson

My name is Mrs. Shirlene Baker. I simply want to acknowledge this new VSB organization and thank God for the opportunity to share my brother’s testimony. Ronald Bruce Gibson is the cousin of Mrs. Vivian Berryhill. He passed away January 17, 2021 three months after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. He fought a valiant fight.

Although this cancer was detected in the fourth stage, aggressive treatments were tried giving him every opportunity to beat the cancer. What is remarkable about Ronald’s testimony is his calm acceptance of the fact that he knew he was dying. He took that short period of time to “get his business strait” with his family, friends, and his personal, financial affairs. It was a blessing observing him encouraging others, especially his nieces and nephews.

He left a great legacy of faith and love. God is always in control. Although saddened by his going home, and missing him immensely, we are confident that he’s gone up yonder to be with the Lord. In this, we take heart and praise the Lord! My sincere prayer for anyone battling cancer and the families that love them, will redeem the time while they have an opportunity to accept Jesus Christ as their Savior. He’s not willing that anyone would die without Christ. Thank you for the privilege of sharing. God bless you!

Shirlene Baker, VSB

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